Color Bug: Anyone craving for crazy hair?


Have anyone dreamed about having crazy colored hair but too scared to wear it to work?
COLOR BUG is a temporary hair dye with wild crazy color !

COLOR BUG looks like this!
available in pink, purple, orange.
around $20 each.

I always wanted to have crazy fun pink hair
but didn't want to get judged by my professors or 
conservative adults around me (aka my mom's friends) lol
So I'm pretty excited about that.

I wanted these pink hairs.. nothing crazy.. or is it crazy enough? 

Watch how this works!

Key Benefits of the KEVIN.MURPHY Color.Bug:
- Instant colour
- Wipe in, wash out
- Change your colour as quick as your makeup!

Anyone tried it already? How was it?
Let me know if anyone is interested!

- Honey! xx