Happy New Year! 2012

2012 is here!
Such a typical post about New Year's Resolutions!
But even if everything does not happen,
it's always good to prepare for the new year, right?

I looked at my diary and my last year's resolutions were
loosing weight (always!) - freshman 15 worked on me and I still have 10lbs..?
learning how to play guitar - I bought a martin mini guitar after working endless hrs 
and I think I touched it like ...5 times? poor baby.. D;
becoming a better daughter, sister, friend, student etc etc..- 

I mean.. 
I kind of learned how to play guitar
I kind of lost weight 5 lbs out of 15lbs :X
I kind of was a better daughter, sister friend, student...
I failed.

I want to set clear goals and really achieve all the goals!
so here I'm going to have three major ones!

1. Loose weight: -9lbs up to my goal
- Working out regularly
 (Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD on the way!
I will let you guys know how it goes LOL)
- Not eating after 6PM
- Eating healthy, cut down snacks
(currently have hershey's nuggets in my mouth :x)

2. Master ONE SONG by guitar
the song would be this! Valentine by Kina Grannis
I will post a video of myself playing this once I master!
Not sure I will be singing since I am not a singer X)
Such a lovely song! 

3. Grow my business(veryhoney.com) & blog(honeyfullife.com)
I want to have more than 80 followers by end of this year!
I just started both of them and I'm not going to lie, it's really tough!
But I will keep remind myself that both of them are what I enjoy!
As a fellow shopaholic, I want to share unique pieces for affordable prices
and by blogging I will get more chance to share my experience and learn from others!

Let me tell you, it's been only few days since I started blogging but 
I learned so much from other fashion/beauty bloggers already!
So many inspirations and I LOVE IT!
So girls! please keep sharing all the unique and fun things
and let me share with you guys also! >:)

Hopefully writing my resolutions out here will be more effective than
writing in my journal (I did make promises with you guys right...?)
and hey this doesn't mean 
I gave up on  being a better daughter,sister,friend,student etc etc..
they are still continuing! X)

Let me know what you guys are thinking of!
Happy New Year's everyone!!!!!!!!

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