Trend to Try: Fun! Color Blocking.

A good example of color blocking?

Color blocking is combination of two or more color blocks in an ensemble. 
They usually involve eye-poping/bold bright vivid colors and this trend 
has inspiration of 80s retro look as well.

Color Blocking was a big trend for 2011 S/S and through the fall but as people say:
 when the economy gets bad, the girl's skirt gets shorter and the color gets brighter.
It seems like the trend will last for a little more!
I'm sure you guys already heard enough of color blocking so let's move on to pictures!

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literally... Color...Block..

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on sale for $27

I love this dress! On sale for $40

Have you tried it already?
I am loving the vivid color but I am not sure how I would wear it to school/work!
How did you apply this trend to your everyday outfit?