Love Letter to.. My BEAUTIFUL ladies.


Hello, my LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL girls! This is Honey.

This is a little different from what I usually post on my blog, but I really have to say this to you guys right now.

I came across this one lovely girl on instagram and it was clear that she was going through a tough time with herself.

I saw her ribs, blood and scar. I felt her pain.

I am really heart broken right now. The images of her, the thought of her won't leave my mind.

I really want to tell EVERYONE that


As a woman, I understand all the concerns. I go through it everyday too. 

Do I look short in my pants? Does this shirt reveal my muffin top? Should I wear cardigan over my dress?

Am I thin enough to wear this mint skinny jeans? AM I JUST PRETTY ENOUGH?

I mean, I FELL YOU. We go through this every day. So please don't feel that you are alone.

We are all fragile and vulnerable because we are human.

But the very important, crucial point, element of truth is that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.

Don't be fooled by how flawless models look in their photos or how your favorite blogger is living a fabulous life every day.

Don't ever feel less beautiful or less fortunate because of the magazines you read or the fashion bloggers you follow.

LOVE yourself first. Love yourself the most. You are one and only you!

Sometimes, I feel that people in the fashion industry including myself are responsible for this issue as well.

How we create and present beauty and the "good fit". But you know what, not everyone looks like a model.

Everyone should NOT look the same. How boring is that? We are just uniquely beautiful in our own shape and color. 

I NEVER want to sell the wrong idea on my shop.

 I do what I do because I believe that fashion and confidence have reinforcing relationship. 

I know how a perfect outfit can make a girl's day. I want you guys to enjoy it and have fun to be HAPPY.

Please only use it to enhance your natural beauty. Because nothing else is more beautiful than you!

Let your own beauty shine through. Keep it organic!

We must support each other. Tell her how beautiful she is, how she looks extra lovely today!

Girl, you are enchanting, wonderful, precious, extraordinary, pretty, unique, stunning, smart, dazzling, enchanting, lovely, special, cute, unforgettable, sweet, fabulous, irresistible, strong, fearless, brave, important, splendid, perfect, amazing, brilliant, courageous, bright & BEAUTIFUL! 




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  • Haesin Kim

    You are beautiful inside and outside.

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