Seamless Staple Shorts [Black,White,Nude]
Seamless Staple Shorts [Black,White,Nude]

Seamless Staple Shorts [Black,White,Nude]




At-the-hip rise and modest cut, staple to your closet.

Whatever you wear, there are things you'll always need.

Slip them under skirts, mini dresses, and sheer shorts so you can stay confident.

Made with super soft, stretchy fabric and designed to perfectly hug every shape.


It provides as much comfort as it does coverage. 


Comes in three colors: Black, White, Nude

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Material: Nylon,Spandex  /  Fit: Stretch  /  Color: Black,White,Nude
- No closure
-  Lightweight and comfortable
- At-the-hip rise and modest cut
Size: One size fits most (S-L)
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